Reflecting on Quotes Regarding William Kist’s Work


  1.  The first quote of interest for me comes in the forward. Kylene Beers states her favourite question for school administrators, “What type of student will not do well in this school?” (Kist,2010, p.vii).
    This quote to me is meaningful, because it emphasizes a key element for the benefits of Web 2.0. Not all students will excel or respond well to 2.0 technology, it will not be the miracle cure for all students. But Web 2.0 provides a variety of tools and skills that will reach more students to empower them to learn and express what they learn in a meaningful way.
  2.  The second quote also comes in the form of a question at the end of chapter four from: Questions to Consider. “What are some ways you have learned to negotiate the Web so that you are able to connect with experts and potential colleagues from all over the world? Is such collaboration worth it to your learning and well-being, or is it setting up more trouble than its worth?” (Kist,2010,p.94)
    This quote made me think of two key points. One is with the expansion of the Web their is more information then ever before, but also more misinformation, and people need to decipher who are the true experts and who are the pretend experts on topics. That being said once you determine who experts in a field are, the ability of Web tools such as Skype could become very powerful and worth the effort. (Ie. Skype an Author)
  3.  The final quote I’ll refer to is from the two questions at the end of the second last paragraph of the book. “Will the new media and Web 2.0 …sweep us into an entirely new way of “doing” school? Or will these new tools simply be pushed and pulled so that they fit into the old mold?” (Kist, p.122). The quote makes me think what role will Web 2.0 have in regards to educations evolution/revolution. Too often in education we respond too slowly, we re-act and respond instead of anticipate and create. I think of Joyce Velenzas Ted Talk regarding Sally Madonna, Sally Spears, and Sally Gaga. in the last 20 years many school librarians roles have been revolutionized. Going from assisting with finding limited information; to aiding in finding and analyzing infinite resources;to analyzing infinite sources and assisting students to create and respond in powerful meaningful ways. (Unfortunately many of the school librarians are just reaching stage two, myself included, hopefully all of us are working towards or continuing to be effective at stage three.)






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